Learn correct technique of modern tennis with easy progression method. Learn forehand topspin, one- or two-handed backhand topspin, backhand and forehand slice, volley, overhead smash, half-volley, lob, first and second serves – flat, slice, kick serves.

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Tennis Lessons With KT

Whether you’re new to tennis, or looking to improve your game, you’ve made the right move by coming here.

Let’s take your game to the next level!

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About The Coach -- KT

Started learning tennis at the age of 10 in Australia. Over 8 years coaching experience. Speaks Cantonese and English.

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Tennis is a lifetime sport, start learning correct technique right from the beginning. Poor technique leads to tennis injuries.

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Private Lesson

(1 student)
HK$2600 for 4 lessons

Each lesson is 1 hour

Semi-Private Lesson

(2 students)
HK$1400 per student for 4 lessons

Each lesson is 1 hour

Group Lesson

(3 students)
HK$1000 per student for 4 lessons

(Group of 3) HK$1000 per student
(Group of 4) HK$800 per student


HK2600元 4節課



HK1400元 4節課每人1400



HK1000元 4節課每人1000

(三人組) 每人HK1000元
(四人組) 每人HK800元

*Payment of 4 lessons is required
*Applicable to Cherry Street Park Tennis Courts venue only.  Fees may be higher for other training locations.  Please see the FEE & LOCATIONS page for more info.