WEISS CANNON Silvertstring 17 / 1.20mm

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Weiss Cannon Silverstring is a polyester monofilament, hi-tech string. A comfortable string, which offers power, great spin potential and tension maintenance. A solid, high performance string.

Silverstring is one of the most technologically advanced and complex poly-based strings currently in production. Players will immediately appreciate how the technology translates into superior on-court performance. While this string plays a bit firmer than some of the other Weiss CANNON products, it is still quite comfortable. Players using the Silverstring will realize controllable power, excellent spin potential and long lasting performance.

Construction: Monofil CoPolymer. The absolute highest grade molecular chain of polymers is used in the manufacturing of the Silverstring. These high grade polymers are mixed with powerful chemicals and trace elements of Fluorcarbon Elastomers.

Advantages: Users of this string will appreciate the premium overall play. An abundance of controllable power, with excellent comfort and tension maintenance.

Gauges: 17L (1.20mm), 17 (1.25mm)

Colour: Silver

  • High power tennis string
  • Outstanding spin potential
  • Excellent Durability
  • Super ball-control and touch
  • Stable hold tension
  • Resistance to movement
  • A class of its own

(Made in Germany)

Price include stringing service: $170 / set


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