港網球總會持牌教練 – HKTA (ITF)


Coach KT started learning tennis in Adelaide, Australia, at the age of 10.  Having played several other sports in primary and high school teams: soccer; football; basketball; and table tennis, but tennis is still the favourite sport of all for KT.  As a tennis player he has over 30 years of tennis experience and have played for clubs, district competitions, as well as in the Hong Kong Federation of Community Tennis Club (FCTC) Division A.  He speaks fluent English and Cantonese.

Professional certifications: AASFP certified advanced personal trainer; HKTA (ITF) certified tennis coach with over 10 years full time coaching experience.

Tennis Coach KT


HKTA (ITF) Certified Hong Kong Tennis Coach. License no. : CL1090569

AASFP Certified Advanced Personal Trainer. Membership no. : AASFP001734S

REPs Registered Exercise Professional. Ref#: REP00638-120345